Hi guys! I am stoked to say that as of today I have linked up with Reader’s Digest‘s–whose new book The Digest Diet is out soon!–to be part of their new 21-day weight loss challenge, Digest Diet: Blog It Off. The book is the newest from RD’s editor-in-chief Liz Vaccariello, author of the NY Times bestseller The Flat Belly Diet!

Lemme ‘splain.

I, like seemingly every human female between the ages of 20-30, am never happy with my weight. I work out like a mofo but I manage to eat (and esp drink) juuuuuust enough to keep me fat. Well OK not like fat fat, but definitely unhappy with my body. Full disclosure? I’m 5’5″ and weigh 135. God I hate saying that. This is me:

Me, Pre Diet: MEH.

Like I said, I’m not some beheamoth roaming the earth, but I’m bigger than I know I should be, which is 125, max. With my bone structure and muscle tone, I have a sick body just waiting to happen, just begging me to peel off this layer of blubber covering up the awesomeness!!

Me, last night: Thickness :/

So, I am THRILLED to be part of The Digest Diet: Blog It Off challenge. I’m going head-to-head (or, rather, love-handles-to-love-handles) with a handful of other bloggers to see who can look the foxiest after Reader’s Digest’s new 21-day fat flush. Check out this vid for a little bit more about who I am, my lifestyle and why this diet is my ticket to FoxyTown.

Want to blog it off with me?? Tweet at me @DowntownShallon or leave me a comment. Good luck to us all!!

PS and yes I’m still your go-to dating guru–that will never change babies :)

PPS, if you’re bored, check out my new gif tumblr, Hannibal Lester. Like #whatshouldwecallme, but sassssssy.

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