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The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide Review – Shallon Online's Review

    Table of Contents:

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Short Conclusion
  4. Full Review
  5. Taking Time Off For Yourself
  6. Jealousy Creation
  7. Reason Why Your Relationship Ended?
  8. Moving Forward
  9. Incomplete Advice
  10. Bonuses
  11. Long Conclusion
  12. Product Information

The Ex Factor Guide Pros

Use the Ex Factor Guide review from Shallon Online wisely and make sure you benefit from it. This book is just perfect and unique in its own way. It tries very much and ideally educates the readers the ideal mentality and the way forward when faced with the initials stages that are followed with a break up.

the ex factor guide review by

This is ideally a difficult period for so many people. However this book goes all out and shows the reader how to carry themselves in an attractive way when they get a chance to meet up with their ex.

It give you the basic thing that you should try and improve as well as the thing they should avoid. It is straight and clear from the first page to the last.

The Ex Factor Guide Cons

Just like the good, the book has a few things that are not very much clear. It goes by a few assumptions that are very much contentious. It wrongly assumes that the same main reason is the backbone of each break up.

In addition, it gives you the all-round solution to the problem.  This is not necessarily right because each problem may have a solution that differs time after time. Not all problems can be solved the same way, there are normally some exceptions and these are not catered for. This would further make things go wrong in some cases.

In addition, the book does not clearly specify how to talk to your ex about the issues that led to the downfall. Moreover, it does not state how to prevent them from happening again. This may make it hard for the readers to know how to deal with such scenarios.

All in all, I believe that there are few areas that are pretty much not explained in the right way. They do not pay much attention to detail.

Short Conclusion

This merchandise is ideally best for guys who have had it rough with their girlfriends it has led to a break up recently. It helps you to know what the things you are supposed to do are and the things that you are not supposed to follow in this situation.

It helps you in all manners to avoid making mistakes that might come due to the emotions that are highly charged when faced with this situation. It helps you not to make silly mistakes that may be too costly and drive your ex away.

It teaches you some basic tips that will make sure that you get your ex back. This includes a few tricks such as making them jealous and wanting to meet you again. You are also taught how to handle yourself in this scenario.

The main aim is to get her back into bed. After all this, everything is supposed to take care of itself. This product will be really ideal for the users if they easily able to differentiate between the good and the bad.

In general, this will be influenced by why your ex left you and to what extend you two had gone through with the relationship.

The book however, does not dictate to you how to address the problems that you previously experienced in your relationship as well as building a foundation for an unbreakable future together.

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Full Detailed Ex Factor Guide Review

the ex factor guide reviews by ShallonOnline.comIn his Ex Factor Guide, Brad Browning delves into a lot of issues and tries to show you how you can reignite whatever you had with your ex girlfriend after she has broken the relationship up. Brad claims a success rate of 90% if you follow each step the way he has indicated without moving away from the instructions.

It also lets you know that there are situations whereby you will not be able to succeed in persuading your ex back. There are times it is beyond your control and this book may not provide you with the solution at all.

The book however doesn’t clearly state the reason as top why you want to get back with your ex or whether it is for your best interests to do so. When you lose a relationship, what scares most people is the fact of being lonely and the security of that relationship. One turns into an emotional wreck when all this happens and it goes on until you get them back.

The only natural response for this situation is to get those people back. People tend to want them back naturally even though the relationship had serious problems. For men in general, they feel as if they will never be able to get another girl who was as good as their ex.

Therefore, this fear of being alone drives them to try each and everything in order to save the relationship. At this point it is usually hard to salvage the relationship.

Therefore, it is really important to seat down and know what went wrong before you try to work out on getting your ex back. This helps you to decide what will be the best for you in the future. You need to figure out what problems need to be solved or fixed before moving forward.

You should ask yourself if the problems can really be fixed, or if they are likely to present themselves in the future. Are you going to trust each other again if a third party was involved?

Do you bring the best out of each other in things that you do? Do you both want the same things in life? These and more are just the few simple things that truly matter and should be considered.

Sit down and think hard about these issues and ask yourself the hard question, is your ex worth to be considered? If you are true to yourself you will get the answer to this question and you will know the way forward. Such questions should open your eyes more.

Taking Time Off For Yourself

Deciding to get back with your ex is a huge task and decision to make. Therefore, you need to take a step back and think about the situation objectively. Try and keep your emotions in check because that will only act as a hindrance.

If you get caught up with calling her and texting her all the time about how you have missed her and all that, it will only play out in the wrong way. The worst happens when you abuse her for leaving you.

All these factors will act as a hindrance and in the end you may end up pushing her further away rather than getting her back.

Browning advises you to take your time. Take 31 days off and just cool off first. It is difficult, but it plays a crucial role altogether. It is necessary to prepare yourself mentally before the task that follows. The plan is to cool off in readiness for the plans that are set up for you in the book.

So, what are you going to be doing in the course of the month in order to take your mind of your ex? Well there are a few suggestions that are there for you to consider. You can date other women, taking up a new hobby or simply just hanging out with your friends.

This is essential because it opens up your mind more and helps you think objectively. The point of this is to try and move on with your life and try to have as much fun as possible.

The book is helpful because it tells you some ways to do this. It also clearly states ways in which you can handle the how to take care when having thoughts of your ex. You are further taught on ways that you will use to discourage you from contacting her. In the end, it up to you to practice self-control in this situation. This will be difficult but the benefits are worth the wait and sacrifice.

Suggestions about going on dates with other women is good. This is due to the fact that it shows you that there are other options apart from your ex. The book does not however give you tips to use on how to deal with other women.

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Jealousy Creation

the ex factor guide pdf reviewIn the midst of this program, you will have to use jealousy as a tactic in order to get your ex back. This is the reason why the 31 day no contact rule is extremely important and comes to play. This give her a chance to start missing you.

She will be wondering what is going on and will be curious to know what you are up to. This will create mystery in general and it will surely work to your advantage. This makes her think you have moved on and will make her very jealous.

Without going into the various details, you will try and find subtle ways to let her know that you are enjoying yourself and dating other women. This tactic is actually for real, the idea is to date other women.

However, if this is too much for you, you can forfeit the dating other women part. Not everyone is cut out for this. but to make this technique work, you will just have to play along and even fake it.

It may seem kind of lame because some of the tactics here may include lying which goes against some peoples beliefs. In addition, this may make you even look worse to your ex if she gets a hint that you are doing all this stuff to make her feel jealous. All in all, if everything goes on as planned then she may believe that all this is true.

You should however that, making your ex feel jealous is not a great long term strategy. It should just be for a short period because it may not be a healthy for a stable relationship.

However, you have to note that it is a useful tool that you can use to create some interest all over and help her realize on what she is missing.  Note that it is not a magical trick that will abruptly solve all your relationship problems that are there.

The book heavily relies on jealousy to make your ex want you back. In doing this, it creates an illusion that there are other women in your life. This triggers them in to wanting to get back with you.

You have to critically think if this is a right strategy and if it is the path you want to follow. You also have to consider if playing this sort of mind games is something you are comfortable doing for the sake of that relationship and that particular lady.

There are a few things that you will have to work on. However, these are just logistical issues that may include things such as calling, texting and setting up a meeting with them.

Creating jealousy plays with the mind of the other person because the method mainly aims at trying to compel her to want to see you.

The other tactics prepare you on what to really do when she agrees to meet with you. The advice here is pretty much centered on how you will present yourself in a great and different way which should be in a positive manner. It should not make you come across as needy.

Reason Why Your Relationship Ended?

The main shortcoming of this product is that it fails to address the issue that there are various reasons why a relationship may face a tough time and potentially the breaking up part. Browning just mentions that there may be very many reasons as to why a relationships end.

However, they all point to one reason. That your girlfriend might have ended it because she lost that attraction for you.

I don’t agree with all this at all. The book suffers to a percentage for this reason. It clearly fails to acknowledge the diversity of the matter and that there may be very many reasons and to why all this occurred.

Most of the things that follow in this book is primarily centered on this belief that the attraction was lost. Therefore, it tries to tell you that the solution is to recreate this attraction by letting her know that you have the attention of other women.

In real sense, there is no doubt that women are attracted to men that other women are attracted to, it overlooks the idea that maybe your girlfriend left you for totally unrelated reasons. For example, if she found out that you were cheating on her, then it has to be known that the trust levels are completely low.

She does not trust you at all. This has nothing to do with attraction. So if you go ahead and employ the methods indicated in the book then you risk making the situation worse than it is. This may ruin the little chance that you had to make things right and maybe win her back.

Recent studies that have been carried out have indicated that financial issues are among the biggest issues that are facing many relationships currently. This scenario has led to so many break ups. This is rampant especially in marriages.

This has taken a toll on so many people and is still one of the reasons for break ups. So if you were not able to pay your bills or any other payment on time and your partner felt insecure, showing her that you are having fun and going out with other women may not go down so well. It will only make the issue bigger and the resentment may increase.

Therefore, you simply have to sit down by yourself, think of what went wrong and what made your ex to leave you and see if the book will really be applicable to your situation.

If the attraction was lost and she got bored with you and you know very well she was really into you, you have to read this book then. If the reason does not go hand in hand with the books main theme, it is as good as useless to you.

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Moving Forward

the ex factor brad browning reviewedThere is a point in the book whereby Browning claims that once you seduce your ex and get them to bed, you have actually won. This is not completely true. Hooking up with you ex does not mean that the relationship is back on track.

The author addresses this issue and issues out a few comments that still focus on making her think that you are still with other women. Also, it tries to bring an aspect of your ex bringing the getting back together part.

The problem is that it totally neglects the idea of sitting down and discussing the issue that caused the break up. It is only sensible for people to talk and clear out the pending issues and try to solve them. This helps you to put them behind and move forward together.

It is a known fact that it’s totally impossible to give a solution or advice for each and every situation. However, it would have been great to give a few examples of how this issues might be handled.

Without this, you risk having the same problems coming back to haunt you again because you did not manage them. This is really critical because after another storm, it becomes really difficult to win those people back.

A complaint that women all over complain all the time is that men do not try and reason with them on an emotional level. They simply cannot connect emotionally. This is important to them because it is a point where they always want to talk about the relationship and everything but it is sometimes hard for men to keep up.

The book fails to address this critical point. You can never fix anything if you have no idea what the problem was. Therefore, it is important to figure out why she was unhappy with the relationship and what are the things that you were doing wrongly.

Also it is important to know what she wants, her needs as well as desires. Without understanding all this, it becomes really hard to work out things. Having sound knowledge of these crucial things will be really helpful because you will be able to make the changes and this can help you move forward easily if you get an opportunity of getting back together.

Incomplete Advice

In various places, the advice is pretty shallow as well as being incomplete. There is a point you are told the significance of being confident. It is one thing to be told about being confident and it is totally different to actually do it.

To me, this does not make any sense at all because there was no advice on how to go ahead with this situation.  He has just put it clear that telling someone to be confident and then actually being able to reflect it in actions are two different things. It does not make any sense to give advice and not to clearly explain it. This leaves a lot in the dark. Practical advice should have been in place.

The book also tells you the importance of being a leader. You can read a set of books on how to go about with this. Nonetheless, there is no recommendation that is given out as well as any suggestion that might be helpful on where to get more information on this particular topic.

There are a few basic tips that are given on storytelling. The downside is that it has only been touched on simply. It does not go deep.

The idea of using negs is also mentioned here. I am not sure if the suggestion was to use them on your ex or just women in general. It does not specify. The examples given do not indicated that you would say them to your ex. The entire topic felt out of place. I am baffled at what negs have to do with you getting back your ex.

The ideas as well as the examples given are really old. The dating world has evolved in the past few years and cannot be compared to what we had in the past. So the use of negs is really old school.

From my own experience, I would advise you to steer clear of the suggestions on negs when you are meeting your ex. It may go downhill if you try to employ them.

Additionally, the use of dirty talk in bed could pose a negative impact when you decide to use them on a girl. Do not try to call her dirty names unless you are confident it will work. It may end up on your face when it backfires and you are left looking like a creep. Browning says that all girls love it. This is totally false.

There are women who will feel degraded if you starting throwing in certain names in bed. There are some who love it though, so you have to be really careful with who you try it on.

If this is something that never worked before you broke up it is important not to try it again when hooking up. You will probably get the same reaction. If you think your ex might be sensitive about it, use your head and avoid it. You will be safe.

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The Ex Factor Guide Bonuses

the ex factor reviews by shallon onlineIn addition to the book, there is a set of 3 videos that run for approximately seventeen and half minutes. A guy called Ricky, who is Brad’s assistant presents a few topics using PowerPoint. He takes you through a NEURO-Linguistic Programming (NLP) exercise in the three videos.

All these are designed to help you forget your ex. Compared to other dating coaches, Ricky’s skills can be described as average because they are pretty basic. NLP skills.

On one hand he advises you to avoid picturing your ex-girlfriend just before he leads you through a visualization technique. A well-known concept of NLP is that whatever you instruct people not think of, that is exactly the same thing they will picture.

The human mind cannot easily follow the directive without thinking of the other alternative. This is therefore an ineffective way to instruct someone for the exercise.

Derek Lamont has a booklet called 10 Commandments of sexual attraction. It has very few easy well known principles that are important while dating and they help you to create attraction.

There is certainly nothing new here and it lacks enough depth as well as explanation. This is not really useful for anyone who hasn’t come across these ideas before.

There are no examples that are substantial and the one given is extremely shallow. One of the points is on showing that you come from a place of abundance. He goes ahead and gives an example of how a statement should be rephrased to show that you have a nice car without it coming out as if you are bragging.

The way he says it is really not ideal because it comes out as a totally bad example. This shows that he does not clearly understand the idea very well or he is extremely lazy to come up with a compelling example that will clearly bring out the message. In all sense, this book has little value.

The last bonus is a booklet that is written by Mark Belmont known as ‘Seven Steps to Sex Appeal’. This booklets contains pointers to help you with your style as well as the grooming. You can find a few decent basic knowledge.

However, it does not have any images and the depth is not that deep. Therefore, it becomes hard to some point to use it as a proper guide. This area is important because you need to work on it and after that. You can check out ‘Seduce with Style’.

The Ex Factor Guide Long Conclusion

The Ex Factor Guide by Brad Browing is ideal for guys who have recently parted ways with their girlfriends. It is basically set up to ensure that you don’t involve yourself in things that that you will feel emotionally vulnerable to undertake.

It helps you not to do silly stuff that might make your girlfriend to move further away from you because you are making it hard for her with your constant issues.

There are things that this book teaches you to undertake that are aimed at making your ex to feel jealous. This makes them want to see you again. It also describes how you make it happen. The main focus however is to get her into bed.

After this, it is supposedly everything will automatically take care of itself. This product needs one to be smart. If you can differentiate the good from the bad advice. This book will be really important to you if you can be able to know that. To some extent, it will also depend on the particular situation that you are in and the reason why your ex decided to end things.

Sadly, the book has a few of its shortcoming too. It does not show you how you can clearly address the problems that you are facing in your relationship. This is a really important aspect that is greatly overlooked.

A relationship cannot get back on track that easily without the two parties coming together and addressing the issues that made this happen.

People need to solve this issues so that reconciliation can easily take place. Without this, the road ahead might turn out to be bumpy. You may easily be faced with the same issue and you will not know how to handle it.

This may lead to the loss of your loved one for good this time because they will not be easy to get. You need to lay a solid foundation for a future together.

A feature that is overall ideal for this situation is “Text Your Ex Back” that is written by Michael Fiore. This program is better in the overall sense because it addresses all these issue very well. The quality is better and it goes a little deeper with some of its details.

Product Information

The guide is ideal for guys who want to bring back their ex-girlfriends into their lives and rebuild. It gives you simple techniques that will help you to try and change her feelings about you. It uses its 3M System.

The kind of approach to take in different situations are also addressed;

For example:

  • How to handle pain after a break up
  • How to contact your ex and how
  • How to react if she contacts you
  • What to do in case she decides not to contact you
  • Getting back your confidence in front of your ex
  • How to win back your ex
  • Effective use of your communication skills and body language
  • How to flourish in a relationship

I hope the Ex Factor Guide review from us will help you with your choice of purchasing it or not.


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