Lithuanian women: Mentality and typical characteristics

Lithuania has two export hits: Amber and women. Both are undoubtedly of a special quality and beauty. Since Lithuanian women are regarded as extremely attractive, there are also many men who would like to meet a Lithuanian woman. But what do Lithuanian women have to offer besides their often praised attractiveness and beauty? What are their typical qualities and what do they expect from a man? What mentality distinguishes Lithuanian women and what dreams and desires do they have?

Typical characteristics of Lithuanian women

When dealing with a Lithuanian woman, soft tones are recommended, because  are considered quiet creatures. There is no loud communication, no wild gesticulation, as is often the case in southern climes. But also in this Baltic country the motto is valid: After a longer time of getting to know  thaw out, show the Baltic temperament and convince with the typical sociability of the country. After all, foreign men are an interesting attraction in Lithuania – and at some point the conversation gets rolling all by itself.

Flowers and chocolates are a welcome gift at the first appointment, because prefer a man or cavalier of the old school. Even with attentive listening and compliments, men can collect many points from Lithuanian women.

Naturalness and femininity: characteristics of 

The cliché is known to many in the West:  wear short, tight dresses and are only after one thing: a ticket abroad. They throw themselves around the neck of every man who fulfils their dream. Unfortunately, these prejudices cloud the real picture of . It is worth throwing this negative image overboard and instead having a clear one in front of you: Yes,  dress feminine. They are dressed in fashion, have a well-groomed appearance and move confidently – but there is no question of “cheap”.

Tend to present themselves from their natural side, are often active and enterprising. Whether it is day in the countryside or a sporting activity – with them it is guaranteed not to be boring.

Conviviality and family life

Lithuanian society has a tendency towards community. This means that family and friends are very important. They stick together, bear a responsibility and sit out problems together. Community, however, goes hand in hand with conviviality, which is why there is a lot of eating and celebrating with guests – you have to be prepared for this when you meet a Lithuanian woman.

Conservative values are not uncommon. Nevertheless,  do not stay at home to take on the role of the housemother. For economic reasons, most women go to work to guarantee prosperity in the family. However, this must not be equated with self-realisation and independence as we know it in US.

Of course it also plays a role whether you are in the country or in the city. You will certainly find more individualism in the big cities than in the countryside. These gradations are changing, however, as everywhere in Eastern Europe.

Tips for a relationship with a Lithuanian woman

Not always is the rule: “Talking is silver, silence is gold” advisable for problems in a relationship – especially not if it is an intercultural partnership. Sooner or later there will be misunderstandings, and in order to get rid of them quickly, both have to talk about it. Anyone who wants to enter into a relationship with a Lithuanian woman must therefore bring a lot of patience, understanding and respect. Because only those who appreciate the culture and origin of the chosen ones will have it easier in a relationship.

And finally, we come to the last and best tip: humour makes everything easier because it can be an outlet for frustration. After that, every argument seems null and void. And that’s good for a US-Lithuanian relationship, because  love charming and funny men.

Flirting with : Women from Lithuania

If you want to get to know one of the beautiful , you may ask yourself which character traits are typical for her. What mentality do they have? What do the ladies of the country expect from a man? Is there anything to consider when flirting? All these answers are given in the following article.

Nice facts about women from Lithuania

The natural beauty and the casualness give a particularly attractive charisma and a great attraction which fascinates many men. Like most Eastern European women, they are not only beautiful, but also sensitive and hard-working.

Typical appearance of 

The sexy  are among the most sought-after Eastern European ladies, since hardly any woman is prettier and more attractive than she. Their natural beauty gives the women an enormous charisma, so that many men feel absolutely attracted to them and want to meet a lady from Lithuania. Ladies generally like to be very feminine, dress feminine and wear beautiful make-up. Beautiful shoes with heels, mini skirts and silk stockings are popular items of clothing that are part of the everyday life of attractive and handsome . In general, they attach great importance to good looks and body care. Many of them are tall and slim.

What is the character of Lithuanian women like?

Most  are self-confident and spirited. The reason for this is that they are naturally aware of their great charisma and attractiveness. In addition,  are helpful, active and sociable and often come together with other people to drink a glass of wine, a cup of tea or coffee. Even the smallest occasions are celebrated. Lithuanian warmth and hospitality are also very typical, because their motto is that only the best is good enough for visitors. Despite their self-confidence, they are considerate and adaptable. Friendship and family are written in capital letters in Lithuania.

How do Lithuanian women feel about marriage?

If you marry a Lithuanian woman, you should know that friends or relatives will often come to visit you or that you yourself are often invited to a celebration. So anyone who is also a sociable person is a good match for a Lithuanian. The ladies of the country usually get married when they are 20 to 30 years old. Usually this happens when they have a job. Due to the lack of living space, many young couples live with their parents for a long time. They often also support them financially. In rural areas, weddings can be very expensive. Sometimes they celebrate for two days. The families usually have one or two children. Both partners are responsible for the education, whereby the father is generally regarded as the head of the family.

What does a Lithuanian woman expect from her partner?

Whoever wants to “lock up” a Lithuanian woman at home will notice that this does not work, because they are very sociable and enterprising and love their freedom. Only few can imagine living as housewives, just standing at the stove and waiting for their husbands to be there just for them. They also attach great importance to being friends and family. As a rule, they are looking for a loving, charming, understanding, witty and imaginative partner who wants to enjoy life with them. This man can have a happy relationship with a Lithuanian woman. Bores, on the other hand, have no chance with Lithuanian .

This is what you should keep in mind when flirting with a Lithuanian woman

Most Lithuanian pay a lot of attention to good behaviour and manners. Therefore the man should act as a charming gentleman on the date. It is also important not to want too much, but to arouse interest and slowly get closer to each other. The man should be primarily in the beginning and convince with a calm, rather reserved behavior. The ladies are pleased about nice attentions, for example a bottle of wine or pretty flowers. However, it should be noted that it is an odd number, as an even number is used for sad occasions.

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