Mexican Weather Girl Yanet Garcia’s Style Secrets Decoded: Here’s What Makes Her Stand Out

Yanet Garcia is one of the trending names on the internet these days. Whoever has seen weather forecasting report or has a slight idea about it, is familiar with this name. She is probably one of those rare anchors who boasts a celebrity status despite being a weather woman. She hails from Monterrey, Mexico and has put the name of her country on the world map with her charm.

She started her career as a model in the initial stages. However, her great looks, coupled with her consciousness to fashion, transformed her fortune later on as Televisa inducted her in the post of its weather monitor. She’s known as one of the hottest weather fairies around the world.

Mexican Weather Girl

What makes Yanet Garcia so special?

Among other reasons, Yanet Garcia, arguably the hottest among all Mexican weather girls at the present time, is known for her fashionable outfits as much as her gorgeous diva-like looks. She has a body to die for and she loves to flaunt it with her fashionable outfits. Garcia is one of those women who does not shy off when it comes to choosing bold dresses.

What’s the secret behind Garcia’s outfits?

More than her outfits, it is the choice of her dress which steals the show all the time. Sometimes even her fans wonder where she gets such out-of-the-box fashionable ideas from. Does she discover a new idea roughly on a daily basis? She has revealed the secret herself. She credits one Gina for the remarkable choice of her outfits which makes her stand out in the crowd of other fashionable anchors in the industry.

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She has been verbal in thanking her openly off late and cherishes the prospect of working with her. According to her, Gina is helpful by nature and lends a helping hand in making the right choice with her suggestions. Also, it highlights one of the interesting personality traits of the gorgeous Mexican weather woman. The very fact that she is thankful to Gina and has expressed it verbally shows she is one of those progressive women in the industry who is open to suggestions.

Garcia’s favourite accessories and outfits

Yanet Garcia is a firm believer in the selection of the right accessories. She belongs to the school of thought which upholds the fact that the choice of accessories can make a big difference to one’s dress. Nothing works better than the accessories that are compatible with a particular kind of dress.

Her inclination towards fashionable footwear

As far as Garcia’s accessories are concerned, one of the most essential elements that catch the attention of everyone is her footwear. She wears different variants of footwear to good effect and keeps varying her style. This is one of her little secrets which enables her to stay afloat with her wide range of style options without falling short of it. She just seems to have an unending set of options for various dress combinations in her virtual fashion book.

She has a close attachment with high heels. This has a lot to do with modern fashion trends. Normally, women with an eye towards fashion perceive high heels as a staple option for a variety of reasons. Among other things, these stylish pieces of footwear help shorter women conceal their short height. Ladies who have an average height also use high heels to look taller and elegant.

Besides elevated heels, Garcia is also fond of her shoes. She generally prefers the blue and white shoes for women as it goes well with almost all kinds of outfits that she wears.

Garcia’s take on fashionable vanity bags

After footwear, the next thing which draws the attention of the gorgeous Mexican weather anchor whose looks are comparable to a model is her wallet. Call it a wallet or a vanity bag, she values it a lot and for a good reason. She equates it to a little world of secrets with tools to transform one’s looks instantly.

It is an open secret that news anchors and other women who appear on the television carry their fashion products in their vanity bag. This simple but useful step translates into an easy availability of fashion products at hand as and when she needs it. Other than fashion products, she also carries a host of other essentials in her fashionable hanging bag without any fuss.

Yanet Garcia’s voguish garments

Here comes the most important element of her fashion statement – her apparels. By nature, she is a bold woman and wants others to make a note of her petite body with arguably the sexiest booty. A woman who loves to shake her booty during workout sessions, she has an elastic body which is capable of moving rhythmically to any kind of music.

In a video, she tries her hand at some common dance steps and shakes her booty alongside doing a catwalk while revealing some of her fashion secrets. With a brief introduction to Gina, she shows how the duo goes about choosing the perfect dresses and accessories for the latter.

One of the highlights of Garcia’s garments is the impressive array of her short dresses, body-hugging outfits and revealing fashionwear in her wardrobe. Whether one thinks shift dresses, skater dress, bodycon dress or miniskirts, she has it all in her collection. She believes in chopping and changing her dressing style on almost a daily basis. So, she tries one of her fashionable dresses on a day and then makes a switch to another one on the next day.

Also, she does not lag behind others when it comes to the selection of jeans. In fact, there is hardly a variant of trendy jeans which you would not find in her collection of outfits. She loves to wear anything which helps her in making her booty recognizable. After all, there is a reason why she has undergone a booty transformation and feels happy about it.

Final thoughts

When one adds up all the elements of Garcia’s style and fashion, it boils down to the fact that she is one of the most fashionable petite women of the planet at present.

So far as the fashion of the hot Mexican weather woman with her streaks of blonde hair goes, one can literally write a book about it. A majority of the aforementioned aspects of her style are the ones that have been revealed by Garcia herself. She continues to inspire other women with her petite and elegant body, coupled with out-of-the-world outfits and fashion ideas.

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