Polish women – What you must know before meeting?

Polish women are not only a real eye-catcher outwardly, no, Polish women have a lot more to offer. Here you will find some important information to help you prepare for your new romantic adventure.

What are Polish women like?

Of course, these statements do not apply to all Polish women here, but to some. As a rule, Polish women are quite open-hearted and friendly. They also focus on their own family. They care lovingly about their parents. If they have children of their own, they sacrifice themselves for the children and do their best to make sure that the children are well.

But especially in US there are also women who are quite arrogant or at least pretend to be so. Mostly, however, a dear person hides behind this “facade”. With this behavior they test whether you can deal with it and whether this does not unsettle you. Not only Poles do that, by the way.

Polish women

What do they expect from you?

They expect a self-confident appearance paired with charming traits.
They expect a man to whom the family means a lot.
They expect them to be the centre of your life.

Polish women also expect you to like Polish cuisine. Because traditional Polish women love to cook themselves and love it even more when someone else tastes what they’ve cooked. Typical Polish specialties are pierogi (dumplings with different fillings) and flaki (beef pancakes mixed with vegetables). It is well known that love goes through the stomach.


Difficulties arise above all from the language barrier. Polish is not so easy to learn and pronunciation is a problem for many USAs. But where there is a will, there is a way. They get better and better over time and their partner will do what is necessary to learn USA. It is often the case that, for example, women from the Silesian region already know a lot of USA. This makes it much easier to make contact. If you are anyway only interested in Polish women living in US, you will not be confronted with the problem.

Another difficulty could be the temperament. Because Polish women can become quite hot-blooded in relationship conflicts. But you will learn how to deal with them if you are self-confident.

Where can you get to know Polish women?
You can get to know  everywhere. Statistically, about 2 million Poles live in US. If we assume an even distribution, there are one million Polish women (Wikipedia).

But not everyone has the time and desire to visit Polish discos or meeting places. Fortunately the search for a partner has become much easier thanks to numerous dating sites.

At InterFriendship⋆, for example, you will find lots of Eastern European women, especially Russians, but also enough .
The best thing to do is register for free and take a look at the platform. Then decide for yourself whether the platform is worthwhile for you. You have your luck in your hand.

For more than 25 years now we have been placing women from Eastern Europe with men from US, Austria and Switzerland. You have been looking for a partner for a long time and simply don’t have the luck or the necessary time to find the dream woman for life?

As a partner agency we take care of the complete planning. We offer you contacts to wonderful women from Poland and take over the organization of the journey from US, the accommodation and of course the planning of the rendevouz and getting to know  for our customers.

Our Agency has been in existence since 1991, so you benefit from our many years of experience and the contacts and references we have built up over many years.

Because  are very attractive and down-to-earth, they are very popular with men. Especially because Eastern European women often want to live very traditionally (in classical roles with loyalty, love and security), they are very interesting for USA men who are still looking for their dream woman. In US the women’s world is very career-oriented and USA women often want to start a family very late – if at all. The separation rate between two USAs also continues to rise. That’s why singles of Polish origin are a real alternative in the search for a spouse.

Are you successful at work and would like to have a beautiful, good and faithful partner at your side? Then you are in good hands in our dating agency for Poles and women from Eastern Europe.

Polish women are also a good choice for intercultural partnership, as the cultures and mentalities do not differ too much. Of course, this also helps to prevent potential differences or misunderstandings. Of course, there are regionally different customs and traditions that can be confusing in the beginning. In addition, there are many similarities between USAs and Poles and often a USA also has Polish roots. All this ensures that  are also ideal partners for USAs.


As Poland belongs to the EU, you can marry Polish women without any problems. If you are placed with single women outside the EU, you and your future partner will often face many bureaucratic problems.  are often very traditionally educated and want not only children but also a wedding or a traditional marriage. The desire for marriage, children, fidelity and related security is a big dream of many

They are in the middle of life and still have values like fidelity, love and family life. With a USA partner you can fulfil your dream of emigrating. Educated have the best career opportunities in US, which they can often read and write USA perfectly and only dream of a real relationship with a USA.

All the ladies we want to mediate a real partnership with a USA man. The women are often very well educated, have worked or even studied. We not only want to provide you with good-looking ladies, but also with well-educated brains who have a good job and are in the middle of life.

The typical Polish woman is looking for a man to start a family and / or financial security offered by a USA partner and husband. Important for her is a strong shoulder to lean on and a carefree life for many years.

We know every woman we can find for you personally. We also work directly in Poland and meet potential women before we refer them to our clients.

This is the only way we can find you a partner who meets the needs of USA men and their age. In addition we can tell you more about the women before the first date and you can better adjust to this.

Even the ladies from Eastern Europe have a lot to offer and know exactly what they want. You love sincere and honest men who look after your wife’s well-being and take care of her.

3 tips to triple your chances with Polish women


you’ve been licking blood, too?  can be mad, can’t they? If you’ve been to Poland before, chances are you’ve met some of the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen.

Polish ladies are feminine, almost impossible to get upset about, warm-hearted and much more.

I don’t want to lie.  are only women, too. The skills that we teach you to seduce women should of course not be missing in your toolbox.

You want to know how to become this attractive man who drives women crazy? I have documented the most important techniques for this in this free PDF…

Nevertheless, there are a few things you absolutely have to know, especially as a German man, if you want to administer anabolic steroids to your success with .  differ considerably from German women in some aspects.

In this article gibt´s for you:

3 tips that will double your success with
What you absolutely need to know before flirting with a Polish woman or entering into a relationship with her
How you avoid acting like a drinking sex tourist to her.
How can you tell exactly whether a Polish woman wants you or just your money?
Astreine, Polish flirtations to give you a clear advantage
Then let us first clarify what  tend to differ from German women.

If you spend some time in Warsaw, you will quickly notice the friendliness of the . It’s in their nature to be friendly and attentive.

Even if you speak to a Polish woman and she has no interest, she usually rejects you respectfully and gently.  don’t get an ego kick from turning a man down. They are seldom arrogant or out of touch.

Even though the relationship between women and men in Poland and Germany is roughly the same, Polish men die a little earlier than German men. The reason for this is that Polish men often smoke like chimneys and drink like holes.

Polish women notice that. Another reason why German men have a good image with . They love the German mentality: the sense of responsibility, the German manners and that they often understand how to behave like a gentleman.

With some Polish women, however, you should go on alert.

Tip #1: Don’t become a Sugar Daddy for a Polish woman
Every now and then there are a few ladies who just pretend to be interested in you as a person. But the truth is she’s only after your money.

How can you tell?

The following signs:

She asks you if you buy her a drink even though you’ve just met her and she hasn’t heard anything about you.
If you refuse to buy her anything.
She is particularly interested in your income and your career and asks questions about it even though you have just met (cool women are more interested in the motivation that motivates you to do your job and not your paycheck).
If you perceive one or more of these signs in a Polish woman, then you can confidently say goodbye to her and keep your attention for women who REALLY care about you.

There are sophisticated women for whom these signs are not so obvious. You have to take a closer look at them to see if they are up to something. So here are a few things you can do if you’re still unsure:

Make sure that the financial expenses match her job and her attitude to work: If you meet a waitress dressed only in Gucci, I’d be very skeptical if I were you.
If you drive a big cart or wear a different Rolex every day, better leave it at home.
This also leads us directly to an important distinction:

Flirting vs. dates.

What if you can only flirt at um´s? Even if it is unbound between you and the fun stands in the foreground, there are things that you should consider with Polish women.

The following is something I really appreciate about Polish openness: Poles love Western culture. The food, the movies, the famous personalities.

But the Poles have also copied their attitude towards casual, free sex from Western culture. Many  have no problem getting into bed with you on the same evening when there is a radio between you.

In order to multiply your chances, you should stick to the following rule:

Tip #2: Don’t be a drunk sex tourist
Don’t worry, I think you’re already a cool guy anyway. Still, I want to make sure you don’t come across as a sex tourist without realizing it:

Get some information about Polish history and culture before you spend time in a Polish city. I picked out a small Polish educational upgrade for you. If you didn’t have me… 😉

Learn some Polish expressions or sentences that you can ideally flirt with.

I’ve taken care of that, too. With these few basics, you can already flirt in Polish, for example, if you hang around in the club:

Hot Girl (Slang) = Laska [laskah]
Girlfriend = sympatia [simpatja]
I want to kiss you = Chcę cię pocałować [tzeh tschaeh pocawawatsch]
Do you want to be my girlfriend = Chcesz być moją dziewczyną? [tzesch bytch mojau dschiewtschynau]
I want to marry you = Chcę się z tobą ożenić [tzeh schieh s-tobau ojanitsch]
I love you = Kocham cię [kocham tschaeh]
I like you = Lubię cię [lubjeh tschaeh]
Where are your friends? = Gdzie są twoi przyjaciele? [gidjeh sau twoi pschyjatscheleh]
You’re funny = jesteś zabawny [jestesch sabawne]
Let’s go = Chodźmy [chodschmeh]
I know, I know, I know. Looks complicated. But it’s all the more fun for you and the Polish women if you don’t know how to pronounce the sentences perfectly. Let the Google translator read the sentences to you and send them to geht´s.

It’s not about you becoming a Polish professor in two days. It’s perfectly enough for a woman to notice, “Okay, this guy’s a bit informed and actually thinking about the places he’s at.”

Okay, different scenario: dates.

Let’s say you get to know a Polish woman and you get along so well that you start to develop stronger feelings for her. You suddenly think about what it would be like to be in a relationship with her.

How do you know if it’s a good idea to get involved with the Polish woman who twisted your head so much?

Tip #3: Ask the right questions to end up with Polish women
If you have ever been with a Polish woman, you will probably be able to confirm the following:

Polish women have a strong desire for harmony and a tendency to become mothers and start a family at some point. They look at this need from their mother, to whom they have a very close connection in most cases.

For example, except in Poland, I have never seen mother and daughter walking hand in hand or shopping at the supermarket together.

When mother and daughter go shopping together in Germany, the mother is usually perceived as annoying. In Poland, the mother almost has the status of a queen for her daughter.

Moreover, Polish women are usually very traditionally oriented when it comes to relationships. Once you are with a Polish woman, she is incredibly sweet, caring and attentive.

She wants you to be well and happy. If you’re happy, then so is she. In this way, Polish women get the feeling that you want to take care of them, that you want to be the “man in the house” who earns the money for the family.

In order to find out whether she also belongs to these women, I brought you some clear signs again. Depending on how much of this applies to her, you can see whether she is “relationship material” for you or whether you should leave it at something more relaxed.

Her hobbies and interests
When she prefers to work every second night to the latest rap songs in her spare time and then lets every second guy sip tequila shots from her Bach navel, she’s not the best choice for a longer relationship. A woman’s hobbies that go well with a relationship are her hobbies: Making music, writing, poetry, nature, reading, painting, spending time with her friends or family, cooking, baking, doing sports or taking care of an animal, for example.

Your female side
Let’s say you’re a masculine man who gets his life well organized.

Basically, the more feminine the woman, the better you’ll get along with each other.

How can you tell? Just pay attention to a few things. Does she put her head on your shoulder? Does she feel safe and comfortable in your arms, no matter how fucked up her day has been?

If she’s in a bad mood and takes it out on you, it’s a red flag!

What do your friends think about her?
Your friends should be enthusiastic about the personality of your beloved. It doesn’t matter what they look like. The only person who should definitely find them hot is you. So bring them with you when you do something with your friends. How does she behave towards your friends? Are your friends convinced of her?

How does she look at you?

This point is a bit more difficult to recognize and you need a little more experience. A woman who is falling in love with you has a certain look in her eyes when she looks at you. It’s a mixture of passion, respect and excitement. When your eyes meet, it feels like it’s just you two in the world. Unfortunately most German women are not able to feel such deep feelings because of their upbringing – also a reason why you should definitely have experiences with Polish women. If such a woman wishes to have a relationship with you, then she can trigger in you the feeling that you are the ultimate man through her gaze alone. In this case: Green light for a relationship.

Is she psychologically healthy?
Does she like to blaspheme when she gets the chance? Does she constantly get into it when someone is pulling on others? That’s just a sign that she’s constantly dealing with other people’s problems to suppress her own.

Therefore you should make sure that the lady of your desire lives as much as possible in her own world and does not constantly talk about other people.

What are the relationships like within her family?
Although this point is quite simple, it is very important. However, most men just ignore it. What is their parents’ relationship like? Is your insecure father completely controlled by your dragon mother? Does she have a healthy respect for her father? If she is bad-mouthing her father or even worse, if she has no relation at all to him, you can almost always assume that she has father problems and that you would only have stress in a relationship with her.

The better your Pole scores on all these criteria, the more likely you are to enter into a relationship with her with a clear conscience.

Overall, Polish women bring together the best qualities of Western and Eastern culture. They have the openness for adventure and the spontaneity of the West and the caring, the consciousness of tradition and the positive attitude to life of the East.

Pack your backpack, take a few days off and off to Poland! You will never forget the experiences you made with these women.

So have fun and leave some Polish women for me.

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