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We are all looking for that ONE relationship that will last forever. The thing is, sustainable love is misnamed. If you ask me, to make a relationship sustainable, you must be willing to change consistently in order to grow with the one you are involved. The problem is not in the romance or the love that you share. It is in the people who try to define their understanding of “forever”.

I couldn’t agree more with Oscar Wilde. A Lot of good relationships fail to last because people are constantly trying to make forever to be the same thing! While one party grows, the other stays stubborn and complains. This is where the gap occurs and unless you are willing to keep up, they will cut you off sooner or later.

Don’t not stress yourself over whether or not your relationship will last. Instead, ask yourself what you can do to add peace, connection and joy day by day. This will save some relationships and some relationships will be released only to be presented with a better one.

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