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The Ex Factor Guide Review – Shallon Online's Review

The Ex Factor Guide review by Shallon OnlineThis is The Ex Factor Guide review that will show you all the nitty gritty about this much talked about online guide to help people get back their ex.

You may have tried everything – begins, crying, flowers, gifts, songs, fine dining but failed. The Ex Factor Guide claims it will help anyone to get their ex back not just once but for good!

The Ex Factor – What is it All About?

According to Brad Browning the author of the book, it is called the system of 3R which are Recovery, Re-attraction and Rekindling.

This is THE Ex Factor Guide review that will walk you through the entire guide, from handle all stages of a typical breakup from the initial stages of pain that hit you like thunder to finally taking hold of the situation and making up.


  • It is simple and easy to understand
  • Offers a plethora of usable tips for you
  • Brad Browning is comforting, acts as a close friend for you when you are in deep need but he is also brutally honest
  • Makes sure to get to the right mind state to be able to avoid possible depression and give you mental strength
  • This guide is like a one on one talk with your breakup coach
  • Brad Browning does everything for you – you really don’t need to worry about your next move
  • This guide understands your view point and works around it
  • It motivates you and gets you going by giving great examples of individuals who get success with it


  • These steps are not applicable to everyone
  • Some techniques mentioned in the guide are questionable morally
  • The guide makes the assumption that almost all the breakups are caused by loss of interest or lack of attraction

What's So Great About This Guide?

The Ex Factor Brad Browning gives you is a set of instructions so clear and concise that there is no ambiguity of meaning. He also gives you proper explanation about why you should do certain things based on psychology.

The review shows that the best part about the guide is training you to get back on your feet emotionally and otherwise so that you will deal with no guy trying to tell you what to do. Almost all of The Ex Factor Guide reviews will tell you this – that once you read the guide, you will understand why you simply must follow each of the steps with care and precision.

Who Should Buy the Guide?

  • The Ex Factor Brad Browning is for people who wants to get back their ex for good and with efficiency
  • People who can follow instructions step by step and with discipline
  • People who prefer to follow simple and easy to understand explanations
  • Skeptical people who think it’s a scam because it gives a money back guarantee within 60 days
  • People who are determined and persistent
  • People who want to get their ex girlfriend (or wife) back
  • People who want to get their ex boyfriend (or husband) back 

More Details

This is what you will find in The Ex Factor Brad Browning guide:

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1: Introduction
  3. Chapter 2: Attractive Characteristics
  4. Chapter 3: Characteristics of Unattractiveness
  5. Chapter 4: Acceptance and Pain
  6. Chapter 5: ‘No Contact’
  7. Chapter 6: Start Dating the Other men/ women
  8. Chapter 7: What If they Contact You?
  9. Chapter 8: What happens If they don’t Contact You?
  10. Chapter 9: “Date”
  11. Chapter 10: Seducing All Over Again
  12. Chapter 11: Sex!
  13. Chapter 12: Preventing another Breakup
  14. Chapter 13: Desperation Tactics
  15. Conclusion

The Ex Factor Guide Reviews by ShallonOnline.comThe Building Stone – Recovery

The Ex Factor Guide shows how the guide puts a lot of emphasis on recovery. As a matter of fact, the top 6 chapters are dedicated to helping recover first.

What is This Phase?

The key is to cool down on both sides. The next step is to enable your ex to recollect only the great memories. This is the focus to successfully implementing this guide.

Getting Over Insecurity

Brad Browning assumes that we make mistakes because of insecurity. He actually gives solutions for each bad trait that you have.

Some of the common traits are cheating, neediness and jealousy.

Defining the Breakup

Almost all of The Ex Factor reviews will tell you that the guide focuses on helping you to get your ex back. What most of them do not mention is that it also reflects how vital it is for you to find out the reason behind why you broke up in the first place.

The Key Lies in the Simple Things

You will see that in The Ex Factor Guide, Brad Browning guides you to identify what actually was actually wrong in your relationship and then change it.

This guide is also geared to make your relationship last for a lifetime.

This Go-To Guide is Suitable for Different Types of Breakups

Whatever it is that you are going through, the first three sections of chapter 4 are designed to give you the right guidance. This chapter has sections like ‘customer coaching sections’ and ‘expert weight ins’

The Ex Factor Guide will show you the examples that they provide and also the answers that all individuals look for. After Brad Browning defines that really is important, he then proceeds to give different strategies which work and also those that will not work if you implement it. The Ex Factor Guide shows how the program has been planned to precision. Brad Browning even shares template texts to send your ex to make him or her start obsessing about you.

Read The Ex Factor Guide to find out what you should do if your ex does not try to contact you. Chapter 8 understands that not all people respond fast. If your ex is one hard nut to break than paying close attention to this chapter. This chapter provides some contingency plans so you can successfully tackle the setback.

I hope you now know what to expect from the guide after reading The Ex Factor Guide review by Shallon Online. If you have doubts, the author is open to questions.

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