How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Forever?

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How to Get Back with Your Ex Girlfriend?

That’s a question I’ve been asked quite a few times in my life.

And every time I responded honestly by saying “I don’t know.”

how do you get your ex girlfriend backWAIT…WAIT! Don’t click away from this article just because I admitted the fact I cannot help them. After all, everyone’s case is different.

And quite frankly, some people are better apart. But if you’re sure that rekindling with your ex is the right way to go, then I’m willing to lend my advice.

As a bisexual who has experienced her fair share of romance and breakups, I can say with 100% certainty that it is possible to get your ex back.

You just got to know how to press the right emotional triggers. And I learned it all from the book Meet Your Sweet 2nd Chance.

If you told me that a cheesy book had the answer to my burning questions a year back, I wouldn’t have believed you. But it managed to turn me into a believer.

Will it work for your needs? Let’s find out in this Meet Your Sweet 2nd Chance review!

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how to get back with ex gfMeet Your Sweet 2nd Chance and How Does it Work?

This a book written by Amy Waterman and Mirabelle Summers based on their own experiences as people first, and dating/relationship experts second.

As the name implies, the topic is about meeting your sweetheart for the second time, implying a fresh start.

Both Amy and Mirabelle are respected authors with many raving fans around the world.

Through this book, they teach not only how to get the ex back but also the ropes on living a fulfilling relationship. How? By understanding yourself first.

This simple program will make you look back on the relationship you had, identify where it all went wrong, and give you step by step guide on how to undo the mistakes.

Here’s a summary:

  • How to look inward to identify your own mistakes that may have led to the breakup
  • How to get out of the constant state of self-pity and regain your self-esteem and happiness
  • Recall the best moments you both shared to figure out what made you so attractive to your ex in the first place
  • How to create a mutual understanding and respectful relationship that’s all about give and take. No power imbalances allowed!
  • How to keep your ex so that you both can rekindle the old flame and live happily ever after

How I, as a bisexual, view and approach the whole concept of a relationship isn’t much different from any straight, gay, or pansexual person.

So, it’s safe to say that if Meet Your Sweet 2nd Chance worked for me, it would work for you too.

How to get your ex girlfriend to want you backWhat are the Contents of the Book?

This 199-page book is split into 5 key steps that teach everything there is to learn.

Here’s a summary:

Step 1: Get through the grief

Getting over the grief of the loss of a loved one is an essential step in gaining perspective.

We tend NOT to see how things are when we’re mourning and make mistakes as a result. This module of the book will teach you how not to make such mistakes of vulnerability.

You’ll learn how to focus on yourself first and be more comfortable with the situation instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Step 2: Reflect

Without reflecting over your former relationship, you’ll never figure out what not to do.

This module tugged my heartstrings as I identified so many things I had done wrong to my girlfriend. Or at least, I could’ve done better.

And no, I’m not talking about forgetting to pick up the groceries or forgetting her birthday.

This section of the book helped me own up to my share of the blame and come out as a stronger individual.

Step 3: Channel your Anger

Anger, like jealousy, is a toxic emotion that corrodes our heart from the inside out.

But it’s quite natural to be angry when you’ve split into bad terms or feel like you’ve been wronged. Believe me; I’ve been there.

And I would have probably still been there if I had not tried out the 3-Step Plan to Deal with Anger. This, I believe, is the turning point I needed to back life back on track.

how to win her back

Step 4: Initiate contact

The moment you’ve been waiting for! This portion of the book will tell if when you should contact your ex and in what manner.

It utilizes the push-pull theory of attraction to help you learn how to reignite the old flame. This is about new beginnings.

Step 5: Discuss the breakup

I know this might be an uncomfortable topic, but you’ve got to do it sooner or later.

If you want a healthy relationship. There’s no way to look forward to the future without letting demons of the past rest at ease.

In this section, you’ll learn how to communicate with empathy and criticize without coming off as a total douche. Yeah, I mean that. And I know that I can be a major pain to deal with sometimes.

Through proactive criticism, you’ll learn to understand one another better and communicate in a way that sustains a loving relationship.

Will Meet Your Sweet 2nd Chance Work for Me?

Yes! The best thing about this book is that it doesn’t preach any “one size fits all” bullshit.

I have gone down that road, believe me. From asking my friends for advice to seeing shrinks, I’ve done it all to come out of the miserable shell I was in after my breakup.

While someone said, “Go call her and beg to take you back,” another commented “No more contact! It’ll make you seem desperate.”

My therapist, though I admit he’s a pretty good one, had me talking about my childhood and past traumas. That didn’t help either.

It was a fine effort, but the problem that was staring me in the eyes had nothing to do with how I was raised.

I knew my relationship deserved a second chance; it’s just that I wasn’t confident enough to pursue it. This book gave me the final push that I needed to initiate contact with my ex and work towards a resolution.

how to get your girlfriend backA Word to the Wise

Listen to me carefully: DO NOT pin all your hopes because countless variables go into a relationship.

And to expect this book to be a magic bullet that solves all your mistakes would be plain foolish.

Also, this book doesn’t teach you to be selfish or manipulative. On the contrary, it shows the path to be more vulnerable and selfless.

The advice worked for me because of two reasons:

  1. I had clarity on why I wanted to patch up with my ex-girlfriend
  2. I was always unwilling to compromise on my values of practicing empathy

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this book work on both for all sexes?
  2. Yes, the author guarantees that his advice is meant for all sexes. Male, Female, or any other, it doesn’t matter.
  3. How much time would I have to invest to get results?
  4. It depends on how fast you learn and put the plan into action. Also, every person and every relationship is different.
  5. How can I know if it will work?
  6. Again, if you’re not headed with the wrong expectations and are willing to put in the work necessary, then it will work. It has worked for thousands of straight men and women. Even me, a bisexual.
  7. Is there any money-back guarantee?
  8. Absolutely! The authors guarantee money back if you’re not happy with the purchase.

how to get a girl backFinal Words

I think I’ve kept you all under suspense for quite a while now. In case, you are wondering, my girlfriend’s name is Sarah, and I love her with all my life. I would have loved her even if we didn’t patch up but being together makes my life complete.

And I owe a lot of it to Meet Your Sweet 2nd Chance. You should give it a read as well to know how to get your ex girlfriend back.

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