Young loving couple outdoors sitting on grass, hugging and looking away

Top 10 Long-term Relationships Tips

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Young loving couple outdoors sitting on grass, hugging and looking away

Many people think that all healthy relationships are successful in their way, but in fact, studies show that there are repetitive patterns, specific behaviours in successful relationships that can help to maintain a happy long-term partnership.

This topic is very broad, but we tried to compile ten essential tips that can help your love to last longer.

1. Choose the right person

This one seems obvious, but it is straightforward to be influenced by the intoxicating combination of love and physical attraction that marks the beginning of the relationship and not to notice some problems.

You are not going to change anything in the partner, and they will not begin changing you. If any character traits irritate you at an early stage of the relationship, things will only get worse over time.

Any problems with drugs, alcohol, or emotional instability should be discussed and considered immediately; otherwise, they will become insurmountable later. If your partner resists this, stop the relationship in time.

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2. Ask for help

If there are any problems with the relationship, ask for help as soon as it appears. Professional help, support from members of your family, or online advice – any help can be useful.

It is not a sign of weakness; actually, everything is the other way around. When you refuse to face the facts and hope that everything goes away on its own, you show weakness.

3. All couples argue

That is almost always about the same thing – money, children, sex. A sign of danger appears when the couple stops arguing. Silence, resentment, and contempt are the things that kill a relationship, and honest disagreements have nothing to do with it.

4. Accept your partner

All happy couples have about ten irreconcilable differences. Learn to understand that there are certain everyday things, like your tastes in music, or more serious things, like religion. You have to agree that everyone has their own opinion.

5. Make up for clashes

If you are going to argue, then find out how to reconcile after that. Stupid jokes, sarcastic remarks, apologies, the ability to laugh at how funny you both must have looked – it does not matter how you reconcile. The main thing is to make an effort.

6. Find time

Find time for your relationship. Do not think that everything will be good just because you love each other. Neglect something else, like work, sports, or entertainment to spend some time together, just talking.

Don't assume that you both still have the same goals and expectations; people change over time, so make sure you both know exactly where you're going.

7. Don't worry about the children

Of course, not literally. But once you have children, it is very easy to find that your whole life revolves around them and their needs, and the relationship between you and your partner is overshadowed.

Try not to have every conversation you have about children and or spend every weekend moving from one children's entertainment to another.

Don't feel guilty – seeing you happy and connected will cost your children more than all the piano lessons in the world.

8. Great Sex

It is an essential part of any relationship. The trick is not only to assume that it will happen. Keep in mind all the tips mentioned above and find time for each other.

Send your children somewhere to stay overnight or book an inexpensive hotel room. And don't worry when ups and downs happen in your sex life – it's okay, especially when you have children. Just know about it and do not put up with it in silence.

9. Adhere to high standards

Do not tolerate bad behaviour. It will not lead you to a quiet life, and as a result, bad habits will only take root. If your partner does something thoughtless, harmful, or wrong, stop them and expect them to do the same for you.

10. Good manners: nice little things

When you first meet someone, you try to be polite and courteous. During a long relationship, all of this can go a drop by drop. Don't let this happen.

Simple, everyday courtesies are easy, but they are a discreet but effective way to let your other half know that you appreciate and care about them.

The same applies to those small things, like touching, kissing, walking hand in hand, or small, inexpensive gifts that couples can sometimes take for granted until all this disappears from their lives.

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